Life is a revolving around faith 

Intense faith makes me feel free to be happy 

A small deviation makes me stop to write

I walked all the way alone 

I have no complaints 

I traced the path for all

When I had nowhere to live

Life in me has no spring 

And my shadow runs away 

I belong to no one

Yet I have a world around

And the invitation is open

But the words are missing 

The erena is glittering 

But the joy is missing 

Throne is set

But the charm is missing 

My heart is aching

But tears are missing

Is it me

Or I am missing 


I don’t know you tell me
Which way I shall lean
If you decide how I breathe
I feel this thump
Deep inside me
If you don’t feel it
Then don’t come across me
But if your daring does not stop
Come inside my skin and feel the pain…


I wish so much to be you
But there’s something in me
Which curbs my instinct
And I follow my own shade
I wish to sail through your dreams
But my eyes don’t close for sleep
I wish the truth of reality strikes
And I come down to the street
Where I walk as you
Be that fragrance which you love
I just want to be you
Only if my soul permits