Life has started from a scribble

From a drop it created an ocean

Anchored on shore and storm averted

I sail across the sea

Finding the sun set

Yet awaiting for twilight to shine on my island of hope


When I raise my hand to pray

My heart goes to sink

Asking my soul

If my ablution is complete

My soul wanders gasping the breath

Asking my eyes for humility I have shown

My eyes run down in blood

Failing to raise my voice

I strangulate the desire to pray

For want of peace

Which dwells within me


This world of my dreams

And I fathom for the thoughts

Ages I sail across

Yet anchoring to wish

I will sit under the starry night

Grasping the touch of the moon

Which has lit the backyard

How I wish

I have a sea to crop my thoughts


Drenching through waters of fate

I cultivate seeds of my love

Harvest moon tides away it’s bloom

I stand firm on these barren lands

Scathing away the weeds of my wreck

I gather my souls Dewells on the shores

I fathom for spring

Yet only mirage I see

Is it right to hope

But is it a lie to ruin the speck of dust

I was looking f…

I was looking for my soul

My peace in the clamor of this worldly matter

Where is the place to share my ocean

Long swift tides store not…. A landlocked sea

Pleasure is not mine and

Neither the pain

Till I saw frosting gesture

Dancing with waves

Never could I imagine it

Being there

And never could you  think of it

It took journey to heaven

To melt the frost

And small barks to make

Vent in my landlocked sea

I saw unbroken glory

A gathered radiance

A shinning peace

Maintained under a patch

Dark night by a highborn-life.


And the invitation is open

But the words are missing 

The erena is glittering 

But the joy is missing 

Throne is set

But the charm is missing 

My heart is aching

But tears are missing

Is it me

Or I am missing